Cataloging Policy

CAMALS strives to maintain high standards of quality in regards to the items in the catalog.  Factual accuracy, physical attractiveness, durability, and other characteristics are taken into consideration.  Items need to meet the criteria set in our Selection Policy.

The following items will not be cataloged:

  • DVDs/CDs that are severely scratched.
  • $1 or dollar store DVDs (Digiview and Alpha Video are two such companies). These DVDs are poorly made and are not meant for library circulation. These DVDs cost CAMALS more to process than the cost of the DVD.  They do not have a lasting collection value.
  • Non-Fiction books with information that is outdated (with the exception of history books) ~10 years or older or the subject matter is obsolete.
  • Yellowed, molded or musty books; items that are threadbare, tattered, etc. Books like these make a collection look bad and, in the case of molded books, can destroy and entire collection.
  • School books/text books; books specifically used in or intended for classrooms or are curriculum oriented.  Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
  • Books that state: “This edition is available for distribution only through the school market” or “This edition is only available for distribution through the direct-to-home market.” Example: Scholastic, Inc.
  • Advanced Reader’s Copies (ARC):  ARCs are uncorrected proofs of the book released before the book is published. Selling and buying ARCs is unethical.
  • Teacher’s Editions.
  • Items labeled “Not for Resale”.
  • Items that are blatant copies.  This violates copyright law.