Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending Policy


A Wi-Fi hotspot is a device you can use to connect a mobile-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, to the Internet.  The hotspot is portable, so you can connect your device almost wherever you are.

The libraries of the Carroll and Madison Library System lend Wi-Fi-hotspots to library cardholders ages 18 or above who have less than $10 of fines or fees.  Checkout is limited to one hotspot per library card for seven days.  Hotspots may be reserved, but there are no renewals.  Hotspots must be returned to the library where the checkout occurred. 

Overdue hotspots are fined a $1 per day.  Additionally, after 24 hours overdue, the Wi-Fi service will be disabled on the Hotspot.   $10 will be charged for missing cords or cases. $90 will be charged for a damaged hotspot.  These charges may compound; if the hotspot, cord, and case are not returned, $110 will be charged. 

A library card or photo ID must be presented to check out a hotspot.  Upon check-out and check-in hotspots and components will be checked by a library staff member.  Hotspots must be kept out of extreme temperatures.  Do not return hotspots into a library book drop or to a library other than the one from which you checked it out.  Repeated violations of this policy may result in the suspension of hotspot borrowing privileges.

The Carroll and Madison Library System is not responsible for any information accessed or action taken by a patron while using a Wi-Fi hotspot.  Hotspot users are encouraged to use safe Internet practices.  Using the hotspot to access any online content determined to be illegal or obscene according to federal, state, or municipal law will result in revocation of hotspot borrowing privileges.

Acknowledgement of Wi-Fi Hotspot Policy

I (printed name), understand and agree to these rules of use.  Once a hotspot is checked out to me, it becomes my responsibility.  Any changes in conditions or content while in my care will be my responsibility.  I am responsible for damage, loss, or theft.  I have a basic working knowledge of the device on checkout (see instructions within box).  If any technical problems are encountered, I will return the device immediately.  If damage to the device is discovered by library staff, appropriate costs will be added to my account.

I understand and agree that an overdue charge of $1 per day up to the full replacement cost of $90 will be charged for a hotspot that is not returned.  I understand that $10 will be charged for lost or damaged cases or cords.  I further understand and agree that I am responsible for full replacement cost if the device or any parts are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned.