Patron Rules of Conduct

The libraries in Carroll and Madison Library System are a limited public forum open to the public for specified purposes: reading, studying, and using library materials and meeting facilities when appropriate. CAMALS permits the public to exercise rights that are consistent with those purposes, and endeavors to ensure that the public is allowed to pursue those purposes without encountering unreasonable nuisances in its facilities. Failure to follow the rules of conduct will result in disciplinary action being taken.

Action may range from verbal warning to being permanently barred from CAMALS facilities. Some offenses may be prosecuted under appropriate statutes, ordinances, etc.

  • A patron in good standing has an up-to-date address on file and less than $10 in fines and fees.
  • All conversations, including cell phone conversations, shall be limited to a length and noise level that is not disruptive.
  • Persons shall not harass, annoy, or interrupt the work or study of other patrons or staff.
  • Persons must wear shoes and clothing.
  • Clothing must be zippered, buttoned, or fastened to avoid indecent exposure.
  • Lack of personal hygiene shall be considered disruptive.
  • Any carrying device may be searched when the person leaves the building.
  • The police or a juvenile welfare-related agency may be called if children under 10 years of age are left unattended prior to regular opening time or have not been picked up prior to closing time.
  • Persons shall not enter spaces marked “Staff Only” unless they have specific permission from CAMALS staff.
  • Persons shall not engage in fighting or using abusive language on library property.
  • Persons shall not deface or mutilate any library property.
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in the library unless permission is granted by library staff.
  • Use of tobacco products, vaporizers, and e-cigarettes is not allowed in the library.  
  • No animals, except service animals, are allowed in the library.
  • No weapons are allowed in the library.  (Arkansas Code 5-73-122).
  • Non-library approved solicitation in any form is forbidden.
  • Littering within the building or on the grounds is forbidden.
  • Library computer users must sign in and agree to the Rules and Responsibilities for Public Computers and Internet Use.